The Future

In 2015 Sir Roy Strong CH bequeathed The Laskett to Perennial. Speaking about his decision to leave his gardens to Perennial, Sir Roy said:

“I am thrilled that a plan for The Laskett’s future has been secured. I have supported the work of Perennial for many years and see this new partnership as a wonderful extension of my continued love of gardens and those who dedicate their time to serve them.”
Sir Roy Strong CH

The garden was left to Perennial with a generous endowment to ensure its maintenance for years to come. Perennial will continue to open the garden to visitors for periods of the year, as it does its two other open gardens, YORK GATE near Leeds and FULLERS MILL in Suffolk.

Perennial has been established for 180 years and the longevity of the charity pays homage to the dedicated and personal service that they provide. Their caseworkers travel the length and breadth of the country to visit their clients in person within just days of initial contact. The support they provide is completely free and confidential and no membership is required to access these services.

Employment within the horticulture industry is often low paid, seasonal, carries the risk of injury or is tied to accommodation, all of which are factors that lend themselves to a demand for Perennial’s services. As the only charity that helps individuals working in and retired from all sectors of the horticulture industry, Perennial’s welfare services have often been described as ‘a lifeline’.

Perennial helps with all manner of issues including, ill health, disability, injury, relationship breakdown, job loss, workplace accidents, housing and welfare issues, bereavement, old age, poverty, debt, financial hardship and more. Experience has taught them that one issue can often lead to another which is why Perennial’s help is not time limited. They are there to take the strain for as long as is needed.

Perennial’s new vision is to increase reach so that all horticulturists are aware of their services and feel confident to get in touch before they reach that crisis point. Perennial can often prevent a crisis, which is why the aim is to spread the word so that everyone within the industry knows what services they offer and how easy it is to access them. But don’t just take our word for it, visit to see how Perennial were able to help and could help you or someone you know within the industry.

The Laskett is a key platform to help spread the word about Perennial and generate much needed funds by holding exclusive events at the gardens and guided tours of the garden. Both are instrumental in securing the future of all horticulturists in need and Perennial’s ability to continue to help them.

If you would like to support their work and make a donation visit or call 0800 093 8792.

Volunteering at our gardens

Volunteers help run all of the Perennial gardens by offering their time, passion, support and skills. Our garden volunteers enhance the work of our small garden teams by helping to maintain the gardens, welcoming visitors and promoting the work of Perennial. It is a brilliant place to share your existing horticultural knowledge or learn new skills. Find out more about our volunteering opportunities.

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