From the Head Gardener

April 2021 at the Laskett 

A new season and a new beginning 

What a change! Sir Roy moved to his new house at the end of 2020 and Perennial have taken over the running of The Laskett.

Winter has ended, hopefully, just as the trees, shrubs and plants expected. The birds and other wildlife are busy getting on with their normal springtime routines and the dawn chorus is getting louder and better each day. All the plants are waking up, the perennials are bursting into life and the buds are fattening up on the trees and shrubs. It’s such an inspirational time of the year.

There are many brave plants that flowered during the winter, and it’s sad to say goodbye to them for another year. One of the most beautiful was the Snowdrops. On a cold bleak day they were there, standing up bravely to all the elements and bringing a smile to our faces. However, if you are lucky enough to have a few different varieties of Snowdrops, the flowering period can last up to three months.

We have had the Hamamelis (Witch Hazel), Sarcococca (sweet box), the Daphnes with their heady fragrance and one of our favourites, the Mahonia. With all of these, you can get lost in their fantastic scents.

The beauty in the garden, is when one thing finishes flowering, something else takes its place. If it’s not the flowers it could be beautiful foliage or striking stem colour.

We are preparing the garden for visitors as we normally would, pressure washing any paths and walkways that have become slippery or dirty, tidying the borders and the hedges, clipping the larger yew and holly topiary specimens and getting the water features running. There is still box topiary to clip. We will wait until late April / May. Some visitors might comment that we should not be clipping the box until Derby day (5th of June), but if we leave it too late it will not all get clipped, so fingers crossed there are not any hard frosts after clipping.

All we know is there is nothing more amazing and beautiful than your own garden. If it’s big or small, it’s there for you to step into and lose yourself from the busy world, if only for a short time.

Have fun and be inspired.

Phillip and Shaun, the garden team at The Laskett